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Sample Entry

Annual Shippensburg University Juried Student Art Exhibit

Here are some sample photographs of both 2D and 3D works of art.

Two dimensional art works should be carefully cropped to the Picture Plane
(image area, no Matt or frame; see below). Be sure that there is no background visible on any side of the image after cropping. The digital illustration on the left below requires no cropping, just uploading the file, while the oil painting on canvas, the donut on the right, required cropping to eliminate the background (the studio) around the painting. Lighting the art work should be even across the picture plane whether the photograph is taken indoors or outdoors.


Three dimensional art works should be placed against a neutral background; white, gray, black, or a graduated toned background. Care should be taken in lighting the object. Additional views of the art work can be submitted to further describe the other sides of the work, the color and or surface textures in the piece.


There are many online sites and articles on “How to photograph your art work”; (search YouTube). Review these sites for further information.

Entries must be submitted using 
jpg or png files. Digital files (jpg, png) may not exceed 4mb and a maximum of 4800px on the longest side.

If the work of art is accepted, the photograph you submit will be used in the online gallery exhibit without alterations. Please review your photographs before you submit them.